Section 8 Rental Assistance

The Section 8 Rental Voucher Program increases affordable housing choices for very low-income households by allowing families to choose privately owned rental housing. The public housing authority (PHA) generally pays the landlord the difference between 30% of household income and the PHA-determined payment standard-about 80 to 100% of the fair market rent (FMR). The rent must be reasonable. The household may choose a unit with a higher rent than the FMR and pay the landlord the difference or choose a lower-cost unit and keep the difference.

If you are a landlord and would like to have your information listed, please call us at 276-395-6104.

Landlords and Contact Information

L&R Rentals

Contact: Ronnie Kern & Lonnie Kern 276-393-2134,276-393-1153;

Locations: Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, Norton, Wise

David & Sheila Lipps

Contact: 276-523-6822,423-914-0106;

Locations: (1 unit) Appalachia


Hamblin Properties LLC

Contact: Patrick Hamblin 276-298-7328;

Locations: Coeburn, Norton, Wise


Riffe Rental Properties

Contact: Aaron Riffe 276-393-8048;

Locations: Big Stone Gap, Coeburn, Norton, Wise


A&C Properties LLC & John H Ring

Contact: Allen Meade 276-639-1216;

Locations: Coeburn


Joe & Tammy Kincade

Contact: Joe Kincade 276-321-7686;

Locations: Big Stone Gap, Norton, Wise 

Gap Development Corp

Contact: Ralph Gillen 276-275-7866;

Locations: Big Stone Gap


Beverly Hills Mobile Home Park/ Killen Rentals/ Taylor Properties

Contact: Harold Barnette 276-328-2055;

Locations: Big Stone Gap, Coeburn, Norton, Wise


Taylor Properties

Contact: Thomas Taylor 276-393-6644;

Locations: Coeburn, Wise


K and W Rentals

Contact: Wayne Roberts 276-275-7141; 

Locations: Coeburn


FIG Enterprises

Contact: Greg Gilbert 276-328-4344

Locations: Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, Norton, Pound, St Paul, Wise


Riggs Rental

Contact: Jason Riggs 276-523-4344

Locations: Appalachia, Big Stone Gap, East Stone Gap

You may find another list of landlords at the Wise County Chamber of Commerce website. We are unable to change any information listed on the Wise County Chamber of Commerce page, if you have any questions or need to update your information please contact them at  276-679-0961.